Wentworth CofE Junior And Infant School

Wentworth CofE Junior And Infant School

Part of White Woods Primary Academy Trust

Churchfield Lane, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S62 7TX


01226 350246

Termly Projects

Our project based learning is driven by an overarching 'big' question which is then broken down into three small questions, known as case studies. Each of these case studies drive exploration across individual subject disciplines. 

Immersion Week

Each project is launched by an immersion week, where the children will have experience of visits or visitors to begin to drive the curiosity of their project. They will be supported to enquire and respond to questions that will then be referenced to throughout the exploration of the project. 

Fabulous Finish Exhibition 

As the project comes to an end the children will share with a wider audience their learning and their end products through an exhibition including  a written piece on how they have explored the 'big' question and the new knowledge they have acquired.