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Our Restorative Approach to dealing with disagreements

At Wentworth CofE School we are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive school community through the implementation of restorative practices. Restorative practice is an integral part of our ethos, promoting accountability, empathy, and the resolution of conflicts in a constructive manner. Through this approach, we aim to create a safe and supportive environment for all our pupils.

According to Paul Dix, a renowned education consultant and author of "When the Adults Change, Everything Changes," restorative practice focuses on building and maintaining relationships, as well as repairing harm when conflicts arise. He emphasizes the importance of shifting our mindset from punishment to restoration, stating, "Restorative practice is about building, maintaining, and repairing relationships. It's about addressing behavior, not labeling people."

Mark Finnis, in his book "Restorative Practice," further explains that restorative practice provides a framework for dialogue and problem-solving that involves all parties affected by an incident. He highlights its transformative power, saying, "Restorative practice allows individuals to understand the impact of their actions, repair harm caused, and develop a sense of responsibility and empathy towards others."

At Wentworth CofE School, we embrace restorative practice as a proactive approach to discipline and conflict resolution. Through restorative circles and pastoral interventions, pupils are given a safe space to express their feelings, listen to others, and find solutions collaboratively. These circles provide an opportunity for pupils to develop emotional intelligence, learn effective communication skills, and build stronger relationships with their peers and teachers.

Our dedicated staff members have received training in restorative practice techniques to ensure its effective implementation within our school community. By adopting this approach, we seek to create an environment where pupils feel valued, heard, and empowered to take responsibility for their actions.

As Paul Dix rightly puts it, "Restorative practice is not just a technique; it's a culture change." At Wentworth CofE School, we are committed to nurturing a culture of respect, understanding, and growth through restorative practice. By embracing this approach, we believe that every pupils can flourish academically, socially, and emotionally, laying the foundation for their future success.

Join us in our journey towards building a restorative community, where every voice is heard, conflicts are resolved constructively, and relationships are strengthened.


When things go wrong, what steps do we take?


For further details of our approach, please read our relationships and behaviour policy found in the policy section.