Wentworth CofE Junior And Infant School

Wentworth CofE Junior And Infant School

Part of White Woods Primary Academy Trust

Churchfield Lane, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, S62 7TX


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At Wentworth we use a novel to drive igniting our writing, we focus on one novel/text for an extended period of time allowing
considerable in depth analysis where we:

● Learning through collaboration and play
● Applying critical thinking skills and higher order thinking 

● High focus on language analysis, sentence and word level choices (close reading)
● Developing an understanding of thematic development alongside structures (plot, character, setting,chronology, context)

All genres of writing are developed through the novel where writing develops holistically as a natural and meaningful response to reading providing a quality and range of responses to reflect a deeper understanding of language and context. Our teachers have all engaged with a CPD Writing Project led by Humberstone Academy, winners of the UK Literacy School of the Year.


What are the core elements of novel study? 

● High quality texts as stimulus
● Holistic teaching to develop children’s ability to communicate effectively
● Language development work
● Skill progression within each novel study
● Skill based teaching driven by AfL
● Immersive learning opportunities to bring books to life for children
● High quality outcomes of work
● High expectations of children
● Creativity and originality
● Read novel in sections – builds suspense
● A love for books and learning

All members of the year group team read the text to support a wrap around understanding of the context of the driver for writing and the development of vocabulary